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6 Steps To Booking Your Hunting Safari

For many hunters the dream of hunting in Africa remains just that, a dream. Whether it be down to finances, work and family commitments or simply not even knowing where to begin and how to actually book a hunting safari. I have over eight years as an Outfitter and fifteen years as a Professional Hunter, I have zero experience in being a family therapist and don’t hold a degree in finances so I can’t help you with the first reasons for not booking a hunting safari, but I certainly can help in guiding you through the process of booking one.   Within this blog I will outline the processes, steps and factors to consider when booking a trip but for...

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Africa Hunting Podcast

Have you been looking for that Podcast dedicated solely to hunting in Africa? Well here it is. Round The Fire is all about Hunting, Wildlife & Conservation here in beautiful South Africa. We chat with past and future clients of Kingsview Safaris plus industry role players to give you the listener the inside scoop on what it is like coming on a hunting safari here in South Africa.There will even be a couple cool episodes where we sit round a fire after a long day hunting and just let the stories flow. Enjoy and thanks for listening!! Listen Here

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Top 5 Animals To Hunt In South Africa

We put together our Top 5 animals to hunt in South Africa on your first trip and the reasons why we chose them plus our main piece of advice for each! 1. Buffalo If you going to begin you might as well go big, and there isn't many animals bigger or badder than the Cape Buffalo.  With nicknames such as The Black Death, Dagga Boy and The Tank, the Buffalo demands respect and is a worthy opponent in the African bush. Generally a high priced animal, the thrill and adrenaline of hunting these huge beasts is certainly worth the price tage. Whether you are tracking them along the muddy banks of a river, peering through the thick Acacia trees to...

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