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Is the Athlon Argos the ideal hunting rifle scope?

As hunters we have many things in common, apart from the love of the outdoors, and one of those is we appreciate a good set of optics without breaking the bank. For a long time the age old saying of “You get what you pay for,” has been spot on when it comes to optics. Far too many hunters spend a small fortune on their rifle only to go ahead and slap some cheap optics on top, in the hopes it being just good enough to help the rifle do the trick.

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Best bow broadheads for hunting Kudu

For some hunters, the greatest test of a hunter’s ability is going after a kudu bull with a bow. The ultimate goal of a bow hunter is to have the skill of getting in close and undetected, having the patience to wait for the right opportunity and then placing the arrow in just the right spot for an effective kill. Yet, none of this means much if the equipment used is not up to standard, and what could be more important than the one piece that makes that first initial impact, the broadhead?

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Eastern Cape Kudu Hunting

The bright light and shrill from the cell phone resting on the bedside table broke the darkness in the room and cut through the silence. Officially it was time to wake up but in truth, I was awake long before my alarm went off, my mind already tuned and prepped for the task that lay ahead. Today we hunt Kudu.   No Kudu hunt in Africa is ever the same as the last, it doesn't get easier, it certainly doesn't get any less enjoyable and there are no guarantees when you decide that you want to accept the challenge of hunting these prodigious animals. I have guided many hunters onto successfully shooting a mature Kudu bull, I have also failed...

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