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Is the Athlon Argos the ideal hunting rifle scope?

As hunters we have many things in common, apart from the love of the outdoors, and one of those is we appreciate a good set of optics without breaking the bank. For a long time the age old saying of “You get what you pay for,” has been spot on when it comes to optics. Far too many hunters spend a small fortune on their rifle only to go ahead and slap some cheap optics on top, in the hopes it being just good enough to help the rifle do the trick.

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Best bow broadheads for hunting Kudu

For some hunters, the greatest test of a hunter’s ability is going after a kudu bull with a bow. The ultimate goal of a bow hunter is to have the skill of getting in close and undetected, having the patience to wait for the right opportunity and then placing the arrow in just the right spot for an effective kill. Yet, none of this means much if the equipment used is not up to standard, and what could be more important than the one piece that makes that first initial impact, the broadhead?

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Is the .308 the best caliber for hunting Kudu?

You will regret not being prepared for hunting season as it only comes around once a year. You need to be ready for that moment when the kudu bull you heard two valleys over is now making an appearance from the thick brush just three hundred yards away from you. You have waited an entire year for this moment. Looking down at your .308 rifle, you are going to think to yourself, “Is my .308 capable of getting the job done?” Now let’s try and answer that for you.

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.270 For Hunting Kudu

.270 for Kudu   Introduction   Can you kill a Kudu with a .270? Yes, you can under certain conditions. If the Kudu was standing 50-yards away from you, perfectly broadside without it knowing you were there. But that is an unlikely or rather uncommon scenario. Is the .270 the ideal caliber for hunting Kudu? That question will need to be answered in depth in order to obtain the correct answer.   Parameters for Success   The rule of thumb for the minimum amount of kinetic energy needed to kill a mature Kudu is around 1500 ft-lbs. The size of the “kill zone” on a Kudu bull ranges from 12 to 16 inches. Essentially then, any caliber and bullet capable...

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