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Eastern Cape Kudu Hunting

The bright light and shrill from the cell phone resting on the bedside table broke the darkness in the room and cut through the silence. Officially it was time to wake up but in truth, I was awake long before my alarm went off, my mind already tuned and prepped for the task that lay ahead. Today we hunt Kudu.   No Kudu hunt in Africa is ever the same as the last, it doesn't get easier, it certainly doesn't get any less enjoyable and there are no guarantees when you decide that you want to accept the challenge of hunting these prodigious animals. I have guided many hunters onto successfully shooting a mature Kudu bull, I have also failed...

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5 Best Binoculars For An African Hunting Safari

As a Professional Hunter there is certain tools of the trade that I just cannot do without, and a good pair of binoculars is one of them.   I would feel completely lost and inadequate without my binoculars when hunting with clients. Apart from the obvious of being able to see far distances, their other uses are almost endless. I have used my binoculars to steady my rifle on a rock before taking the shot and taken pictures of animals or specific areas with my phone through my binoculars.   Scanning the African bush not only looking for animals to hunt but rather the right animal to hunt, a good set of binoculars is invaluable. My binoculars help me to...

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Hunting Phrases You May Hear On Your Safari

There’s no denying that South Africa is a mixing pot of people, cultures, traditions, varying landscapes, wildlife and languages. Some real languages, some a mix between Afrikaans, English and IsiXhosa and some stuff we have just made up over the years.   We know that your first time to Africa is a sensory overload, it’s all going to be new, exciting, action packed, adventurous and at times a little confusing, in fact there will be a lot you won’t understand. We call jerky, biltong, fries are chips, we eat our cheese off Salty Crax, put Mrs. Balls on everything, traffic lights are robots, we drive on the left, our burgers are covered in Monkey Gland sauce, sodas are soft drinks,...

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Hunter's Review Of Hunting In Africa

Kingsview SafarisPort Elizabeth South AfricaOct 12th - 20thDay 1Flight was 15.5 hours from Atl to Johannesburg. We left El paso with so much excitement and anxiety on both our parts. I have been dreaming of this for most of my life and never ever believed it would be a possibility but here we are. We get to ATLANTA and are hungry and look up restaurants. There is a bunch of fancy joints to go to and tons of shopping but we settle on a little place called Nature's table bistro. It's a small place but AWESOME. The food was great and they serve a ton. Not to mention the best peach tea in the world.We soon boarded the massive plane...

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6 Steps To Booking Your Hunting Safari

For many hunters the dream of hunting in Africa remains just that, a dream. Whether it be down to finances, work and family commitments or simply not even knowing where to begin and how to actually book a hunting safari. I have over eight years as an Outfitter and fifteen years as a Professional Hunter, I have zero experience in being a family therapist and don’t hold a degree in finances so I can’t help you with the first reasons for not booking a hunting safari, but I certainly can help in guiding you through the process of booking one.   Within this blog I will outline the processes, steps and factors to consider when booking a trip but for...

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